I am Matthew George

 A bit about Me

When I first started my career, I was very much focused on Graphic Design, deciding at an early stage that being creative, and expressing my creativity in artwork was something I was very enthusiastic about. I therefor decided to complete many Graphic Designer qualifications, until I’d achieved my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication.

Visual Communication Degree

Since completing my Visual Communication degree, I’ve had a variety of different roles across a variety of industries.
I feel I was very fortunate to have completed a Visual Communication Degree, instead of a pure focused Graphic Design accreditation. Attending the subject matter enabled me to view my output in the creative world much more broader – so instead of just consider the ‘Visual’ I instead considered what it meant, how will it work? What does this mean? Thus! Actually making me an avid Marketer, who was eager to review how the technicality of marketing worked with the visual.
As my career progressed, the digital revolution did. Near enough 75% of what I was creating visually was digital – it was planned to be used online, in a website, or as an advert.

From Graphic Designer to Marketeer

Once the digital marketing world stepped up that gear, I soon wanted to understand more – what does this mean in the marketing world? How will this affect things? That’s when I decided to go back to education and attend a Chartered Institute of Marketing course.

CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing

Digital Marketing, has been my core area of interest for several years. Spending time understanding platforms such as Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and many more along with additional skills like Search Engine Optimization and many others have truly enabled me to jump head first into the world of marketing.
I’m now working in an ever evolving industry, we’re a big part of my working day is now looking at future digital trends, what’s just happened on Social Media, and what can I do differently…

Visiting this site

This original direction of this website was to present my Graphic Designer portfolio. As my career has progressed along with the transition from Designer to Marketeer – I no longer have the direct need to display my creative successes online. That’s why this website has taken a change in direction. This website is now a collection of textual content about myself, my achievement or personal point of view.
If you’d like to find out more about me, then drop me a message on LinkedIn.